Game Center

Start using Game Center

The first time you open Game Center, sign in with your Apple ID and password and set up your profile.

Go to Settings > Game Center to:

  • Sign in and out (tap your Apple ID)
  • Edit your Game Center profile (tap your nickname)
  • Allow invites and let nearby players find you
  • Get friend recommendations from Contacts or Facebook

Find games to play in Game Center

To choose some games to play in Game Center, tapGames, then tap a recommended game. Tap the game’s price, and you’ll be taken to the App Store to purchase and download it.

Or you can browse, purchase, and download games to play in Game Center, right from the App Store.

When you add friends, you can also select games that your friends have.

Add friends in Game Center

Tap Friends, tap , then enter your friend’s email address or Game Center nickname. To browse your contacts, tap . Tap Return after an address to add more friends to one request.

To see a list of your friend’s friends, tap Friends, tap your friend’s name, then tap their Friends bubble.

You can tap any player you see anywhere in Game Center.


Invite friends to play a multiplayer game

Tap Friends, choose a friend, then choose the multiplayer game you want to play. Tap  in the upper right and tapPlay. Tap Invite Friend or Play Now.

If the game allows or needs more players, choose Invite Friend, select more friends, then tap Next.

Send your invitation and when other players accept, you can start the game.

Challenge a friend to beat your score

To challenge your friends to beat your scores or achievements, tap Games and select one of your games.

Tap one of your Achievements or Leaderboard entries. Then tap Challenge Friends and select the friends you want to challenge.