iPhone Tips


Quickly take and send a photo in Messages

Touch and hold the attach media button, compose your shot, then tap the take picture button to take and immediately send a photo.

Take artistic control

To override automatic settings and set your own focal point, touch where you want to lock exposure and focus, and hold until the rectangle pulses. Now you’re free to frame your shot.

Set the speed of Slo-Mo videos

Tap to toggle between 120 and 240 FPS (frames per second). Use 120 for indoor or other low-light situations.

Find anything

Drag down the center of the Home screen to reveal Spotlight. Search your iPhone, Wikipedia, iTunes, and much more. Change what’s searched (and the order) in Settings > General > Spotlight Search.

Open a link in a new tab

Explore a link in Safari without losing your place. Touch and hold the link, then choose Open in New Tab.

Use Siri hands-free

When iPhone is connected to power, say “Hey Siri” and your request. To turn it on, go to Settings > General > Siri.

Reply to a message from the Lock screen

Swipe the notification left, then tap Reply. Or tap the delete button if you want to dismiss it.

Type accented characters

Touch and hold a character to see alternatives. Slide to pick the one you want.

See more hours in a day

Pinch your calendar to see more hours. Turn iPhone sideways to display your whole week.

Take a closer look

You can double-tap with three fingers to make the magnifying glass appear. Turn it on in Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom.

Make everything bigger

To display everything at a larger size, go to Settings > Display & Brightness > View, then tap Zoomed.

Talk instead of type

Tap the dictate button on the keyboard and speak your message (including punctuation), then tap Done.

Adjust Camera’s exposure

Tap where you want to set automatic exposure and focus. Then slide your finger up or down to manually adjust the exposure.

Set the mood with a filter

In Camera, you can apply a filter before you take a picture. Tap the filters button, choose a filter, then take your shot.

Didn’t mean to delete that photo?

Don’t panic. Tap Albums and open the Recently Deleted album. Tap the photo, then tap Recover.

Speed it up with time-lapse

Switch Camera to Time-Lapse mode, then tap the shutter button to start recording your video.

Teach Siri who’s who

Add relationships — spouse, brother, mom — to your Contacts card. Tell Siri, “My sister is Alexis.”

Get the full story

To see the desktop version of a site — instead of the mobile version — tap the address field, pull down the screen, then tap Request Desktop Site.

Send your latest photos in Messages

Tap the attach media button, select one or more recent photos to share, then tap Send Photo.

Trust QuickType to type quicker

When you tap a suggested word from the QuickType bar, a space appears after it. But if you enter punctuation, the space is deleted. No need to backspace — just keep typing.

Respond to a call with a text

Can’t take a call? Tap Message to send a prewritten text message response. Customize the messages in Settings > Phone > Respond with Text.

Switch to other keyboards

You can add more keyboards — for emoji or other languages — in Settings > General > Keyboard. To switch keyboards, tap or hold down the next keyboard buttonwhenever the keyboard appears.

Get the user guide

Learn everything you want to know about iPhone — all in one place. The iPhone User Guide is a free download in the iBooks Store.

Go to the iBooks Store

See before and after

While editing a photo, touch and hold the image to temporarily show the original, so you can compare it with the changes you’re making.

Add profile pictures to contacts

To see profile photos of friends when they email or call, go to Settings and tap Facebook or Twitter. Then tap Update Contacts.

Keep text notifications quiet

Mute notifications for a conversation — handy for, say, a busy group discussion. While viewing the thread, tap Details, then tap Do Not Disturb.

Remove webpage clutter

Safari can make articles easier to read. If the page you’re on supports it, tap the reader button to see just the text and photos — without ads or distractions.

Be on your way with Apple Pay

Place your finger on the Touch ID and hold iPhone near the contactless card reader until you feel a vibration and see a checkmark. Set up Apple Pay in Passbook.

Share using AirDrop

In apps that support AirDrop, you can share a photo, video, or document with people nearby. Tap the share button, then tap the person you want to share with.

Show people where you are

Let those you’re messaging see where you are. Tap Details, then tap Share My Location.

Gather your best shots in one album

Tap the favorite button to select pictures you love, and they’re automatically gathered in the Favorites album.

Find a film with Siri

Ask Siri what’s playing nearby. You can watch trailers, read reviews, and even buy tickets for some theaters (popcorn not included).

Save photos from Messages

Tap Details, touch and hold a photo, then tap More. Select the photos, then tap Save Images. Now you can view and edit them in the Photos app.

Quickly type Internet addresses

When typing Internet addresses, touch and hold the period on the keyboard to pick from .com and other suffixes (in apps that support it).

Take selfies on a timer

Use the shutter timer to include yourself in your photos. Frame your shot, tap the timer button and the number of seconds, then tap the shutter button and jump into the shot.

Share with your family

Buy an app once, and the rest of your family can use it too. With Family Sharing, all family members can share purchases even if they have their own accounts. Set it up in Settings > iCloud.

See when a message was sent

To see what time messages were sent, drag a bubble to the left.

Reach your favorite people

Double-click the Home button, then tap a favorite or recent contact to call or message. You can add a person to Favorites in Phone.

Get reply notifications

Waiting for a response to an email? When viewing a message, tap the mark message button, then tap Notify Me.

Siri knows the tune

Like the song playing on the radio, or in a café, or anywhere else? Ask Siri, “What song is this?”

Quickly manage your mail

Swipe a message to the right to mark it. Swipe left for other options, and swipe farther to delete it. Change the actions in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Swipe Options.

Send an audio message

In Messages, touch and hold the record audio button to record. Swipe up to send the recording. To delete it instead, swipe left.

Quickly respond to a notification

Slide a notification up to dismiss it, or pull it down to reveal actions you can take. For example, with an iMessage, pull down and you can reply right there.