Multi-Touch Gestures

ios-logo1Multitouch gestures let you use several fingers to do cool stuff on Mac Laptops and the Magic Trackpad.
Some gestures do not work on older laptops.

 General Must be enabled in System Preferences.

Action Gesture
Scroll Up/Down/Left/Right 2-Finger Drag Up/Down/Left/Right
Right-Click (Ctrl-Click) 2-Finger Click
Zoom In on the Screen Hold Control and 2-Finger Drag Up
Zoom Out on the Screen Hold Control and 2-Finger Drag Down
Lookup Word in Dictionary 3-Finger Tap on the Word

 Quick Look (In Finder)

Action Gesture
Open Quick Look 3–Finger Tap on a File
Exit Fullscreen Quick Look Pinch In Quick Look
Enter Fullscreen Quick Look Expand (Reverse Pinch) In Quick Look

 Mission Control, Etc.

Action Gesture
Open and Close Mission Control 3–Finger Swipe Up/Down
Switch between full-screens apps or spaces 3–Finger Swipe Left/Right
Show Desktop (Push All Windows Aside) 4–Finger Expand.
To Restore the Windows do a 4–Finger Pinch.
View Launchpad 4-Finger pinch
Open Notification Center 2-Finger swipe from the right side of the trackpad
Show all windows in the current app (App Exposé) 3-Finger swipe down.
3-Finger swipe up to exit.


Action Gesture
Go Back/Forward 2-Finger Swipe Left/Right/td>
Zoom Out (Decrease Font Size) Pinch
Zoom in (Increase Font Size) Expand (Reverse Pinch)
Auto Zoom into Content 2–Finger tap on the content you want to enlarge


Action Gesture
Go to Previous/Next Day, Week or Month (Works like Cmd-Left/Right Arrow) 2-Finger Swipe Left/Right


Action Gesture
Rotate Image Rotate (Clockwise or Counter Clockwise)
Zoom Out (Decrease Image Size) Pinch Over Image
Zoom In (Increase Image Size) Expand (Reverse Pinch) Over Image
Flip through Multiple Images/Pages 2-Finger Swipe Up/DownLeft/Right


Action Gesture
Scrub Backward/Forward through the Video 2-Finger Swipe Left/Right
(or Up/Down)
Exit Fullscreen Pinch
Enter Fullscreen Expand (Reverse Pinch)